Edinburgh, Scotland, 2015.

Edinburgh, Scotland, 2015.

When not traversing the nooks and crannies of the wide world, i, lizzie (lowercase intentional) live here, on the internet.

Cat lady, burrito-lover, feminist/womanist theological scholar. Found frequently re-reading Harry Potter and guzzling sweet tea. Freshly graduated Summa cum laude from beloved Mount Holyoke College. I take my scotch straight (a product of a semester abroad in Edinburgh) and my politics queer.  Madly in love with my country Carolina partner, Jonathan. Currently in graduate school, working on a Masters in Divinity at Duke. Abounding with gratitude for the beautiful people i am blessed to share my life with.

Author of “Sex, Shame and Scarred Knees” in the anthology Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank About Faith (White Cloud Press, 2013)!

Editor of Courageous Conversations: Christian Women Unearthing the Unspeakable (RCWMS Press, 2013).

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


13 thoughts on “About

  1. lizzie, What a breath of fresh air you are! It’s a joy to encounter you because you THINK about things. And your experiences will continue to add to your knowledge and wisdom. I have immense respect for people who speak their minds and are willing to listen to other’s opinions. I applaud your intrepid spirit. All the best, Terri

  2. I am VERY interested in reading your publications and blog. I was raised in an extremely religious home and blossomed into a radical feminist in my late teen years. (You can imagine my parents dismay.) However, I have not completely disowned religion quite yet and have certainly not written off spirituality with God or whoever is out there.. I just am trying to figure it all out. I am finding it is virtually impossible to be a feminist and a christian.. So like I said I am VERY curious to see what you have to say. :)

  3. @elizabeth mcmanus I just stumbled across your blog while reading up on Mount Holyoke. Every bit of it is like an echo of my very own heart! I grew up a Southern Baptist preacher’s daughter and it has colored every aspect of my life in especially fascinating ways. I rebelled ferociously in my adolescence and struck out to find a gender balance and ideology that works for me. It has been an incredible journey of discovery that transforms me on a daily basis. I’m applying as a Frances Perkins scholar at the Mount after 14 years of staying home to raise children while also studying midwifery and teaching various art classes. What a happy coincidence to find your blog:~) I love what you have to say! I’ve now got you bookmarked and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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